The human eye is comprised of five main components, the transparent outer layer cornea, the iris which consists pigmentation of eye, i.e., eye color and a dynamic hole called pupil, it is dynamic because it changes iris its diameter with respect to the amount of light entering the eye, iris controls the amount of light which can enter in the pupil, the lens which can be controlled with help of cilliary muscles and it can become thicker or thinner for focusing objects, the retina which acts as a screen for eye, here, image formation occurs and the last component, the optical nerve which transmits the formed image on retina to the brain in time as much as 1/16 of a second.

Eye Health

A diet which is rich in vitamin A is very beneficial for eyes, certain practices such as washing your eyes early morning with cold water and meditation can also help in keeping a healthy pair of eyes. Due to poor diet and carelessness, many sight related problems have taken over the world nowadays.

Earlier, people used to aid themselves with artificial lenses only in their old age. But, today you can hardly find someone without a pair of lenses. Even though, if a person doesn't wear glasses or lenses, he would surely be having a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays, at least this is done by almost everyone in every corner of world (naturally only those who can afford them, have them).

Apart from poor diet, technology is also to be blamed for such discomforts as everyone is familiar with display electronics such as flat screens, computer monitors, cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. These display devices are major contributors to the eye-related problems, prolonged active exposure to these devices can be harmful for eyes and helps these discomforts to rule the world. Every second person on earth wears a pair of glasses or lenses. Also, many switch over to surgical methods to get rid of these ailments such as laser surgery. We can observe that people of age as low as 2 years have myopia because of hereditary or prolonged exposure to electronic display devices. This is not an urgent issue but if it is not prevented or taken care of, certainly, it can become a genetic defect and going to make a permanent misprint on the cycle of evolution. Generally, evolution occurs and reduces the function which are least used but here, evolution is going to reduce the function of the most important organ in our body, only because of human negligence to such an important part of human anatomy.


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